Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Mr. T Rubber Duckie

'I pity the fool' who doesn’t buy my duck! It's the one and only Mr. T celebriduck. His hair is done in a Mohawk with big sideburns running into his classic beard. His eyes and face are grimacing as though he is mad, and his duckbill is open slightly as if to yell. Around his duck body he wears blue overalls, and a black undershirt. Around his neck is his famous gold jewelry. Both his hands and wrists are covered in golden rings and bracelets.

(long pause). (blink). (pause). (footsteps). (door creaking open). (door slam).

j.k. I'm totally Amazon wish-listing it.

The Mr. T Rubber Duckie

Reminds Me Of: Mr. T Pez

Giving Children Nightmares Since 1983

Happy Passover, T.

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