Friday, November 18, 2005

The Black Clams

Have you guys caught the Triaminic commercial with the Baby Clam and the Mama Clam? Everytime this commercial comes on TV, I'm fascinated. Why? Because don't get me wrong, the commercial is beautiful, and kind of cute, but is it just me, or is it just a teeeeensy bit racist?

WATCH THE AD HERE. (Click on the link on the bottom left.)

Cute, right? Or is it? I mean, the colors are gorgeous, vibrant, the puppetry is brill, but am I wrong here, or is something with this commercial... just not PC?

Clearly, from the voiceovers, the Clams are black. The soothing, southern rasp of Mama Clam brings to mind the bosom of Della Reese. (Note how the Mama Claim is shaped like Della Reese's buzzy.)

But apparently I'm going to have to be the one to say it: What is with the lips? The huge purple lips? I love the voice, love the look. But BIG BLACK LIPS? Really, Triaminic, I would have thought more highly of you. How about next time you use Jewish Anteaters, with big hooked snouts, who suck change out of their neighbor's couch and constaaantly complaaaain about how sick they are? Or a Chinese Dog who's really good at math and takes pictures of everything while driving badly in their miniature car, huh?

And hey -- where is Daddy Clam?! Oh, so she has to be a SINGLE Black Clam Mama trying to raise her sick baby? Does she even know the Daddy? Or is she gonna have to go on Mon-Shell Crilliams to take a Clamternity test?! So typical -- TIH. PIH. KULL.

What? Oh, the dad's at work? Huh. Ok, well, that's good then. I'm happy for Mr. Clam. Oh, Dr. Clam? Dr. Clam. My apologies Dr. Clam.

By the by, the company that made the ad, Hornet, does pretty great stuff.

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