Thursday, December 08, 2005

YAMAHOLIDAY Friday Night @ Galapagos

Tomorrow night, I'll be singing a SPECIAL HANNUKAH SONG in the style of RHYMES-WITH-TRELINE-TRION. The information is on the above (adorable) postcard.

What's that? Having trouble reading it? Let me zoom in, see if you can read it easier...

Still too small?

That's right: I'm in the show!! Here's a list of the other people who'll be holidaying it up with me:

In all seriousness, this show is labeled as a "spectacular", and having seen a run through, I can pretty much guarantee it WILL be just that: Spectacular. Here's the information, with an actual line-up of people who are all more talented than me, and also have bigger dicks.


December 9

Featuring the talents of:

Lang Fisher
Michael Cyril Creighton
Baron Vaughn
Desiree Burch
The Fabulous Entourage
Michelle Collins
Tony Carnevale
Joe Randazzo
Jon Friedman
Lianne Stokes
JB Rote
Becky Poole
Jimmy Owens
Daiva Deupree
JJ Shebesta
Sara Schaefer
Michal Pasternak
and the Flanks!

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