Friday, January 06, 2006

I'm Not Above It

Still in Budapest, and I realize it's a Saturday, but I'm all alone and have already alotted time to sit in a McDonald's for 3 hours looking sad and lonely, so here I am once again sitting in an authentic Hungarian internet cafe. It stinks like cigarettes in here and there's a fella next to me who looks scarily similar to Jake Gyllenhaal, although he is wearing an outfit not unlike those of the great Meshach Taylor.

Pretty much the same, only less.... bulgey.

Even though I would love to sit here all day regaling you with the tales of the numerous near-death/borderline porno tales from the East soid, the stench in here is gagging me so I'll make it quick.

If you have a second, I would suuuper preeshy (appreciate) it if you could take the time to nominate me for a 2006 Bloggie Award! (Oh dear God, a lumberjack with the worst B.O. - I call it H.B.O., or Hungarian Body Odor - just sat down next to me. UCH.) OK so here's the website --

2006 Bloggies Awards

and I'm thinking rather than spending hours nominating me for every category, I would probably like to go for Most Humorous Blog or Best Writing of a Blog?

Seriously I have a grain of paprika in my bag for all of you as a souvenir. No kidding, is there an award for "Worst Olfactory Conditions While Posting Something Selfish and Pointless"? Because in that case:

See you at the ceremony.

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