Thursday, March 02, 2006

Billy The Often Broken Leg Guy

PLEASE please please check out this video done by my nearest and dearest friends, members of sketch comedy troupe "The Wiener Philharmonic". "Billy The Often Broken Leg Guy." The video loads much faster if you go directly to the Youtube link, but for those lazy folks out there, click play, pause it and wait for it to load, and then enjoy. (Credits follow...)

Dances with Wolves! Hahaha. I love this.

Ok, so who are these people? Why, friends of mine who I've worked with and mentioned here many a time. Billy is Mike Barry, who you may recognize from the Library Musical from Prangstgrup. That bearded fellow is Gabe Liedman, who along with the lovely young lady in the zoo (Jenny Slate) host a night of comedy at Rififi, "At Night with Gabe and Jenny."

And those two ladies at dinner? Lang and Jules! Now you can see them move and talk! And it's produced by the infinitely darling and funny Sara Schaefer. (Good lord -- I feel like Kanye, all these names...)

The sketch was written and directed by Jon Friedman, who will be co-hosting our KICK ASS "The Other Talent Show" with me this Monday at 8 pm at Mo Pitkins. Lineup information will be up a little later today -- but I will be singing and playing the violin, and there will be someone doing the electric slide on stilts. BUY TICKETS HERE if you haven't already!

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