Thursday, March 02, 2006

Useless Celebrity Slang: Part III

I gotta say, I love it when I inspire my readers. For example, in the last week or so, I've been inundated with videos and photographs of animals in casts, and one slightly overweight man in a diaper. It's all very much appreciated. And bear with me this week: I have two big shows coming up that I'm in the heat of preparation for, so it's either cats in baby carriages or nothing at all.

Moving on: Inspiration. As some of my long-time readers remember, every couple of months, I throw some new slang out there, and like microwavable macaroni thrown against the wall, wait to see which sticks. It all began with "Conversation Tivo"-ing, then evolved into "slam it shut - it's adore", and possibly the most successful one, "Hilarie Clinton". I'll throw "rashtache" in for good measure. And for those of you who've made it to one of my stand-up shows, you know that "Tom Hanks You" is creeping its way into my everyday vernack.

This morning, I received an e-mail from one Julie H., who writes:

I wanted to tell you that I say Hilarie Clinton all the
time ... nobody ever knows what I'm talking about, but I'm
OK with that.

Actually, I enjoy it so much that I made up one of my own.
When someone is being rude, I say they were "Rude-y

As in, "she slammed the door on your face? that was rude-y
huxtable!" Again, nobody ever knows what I'm talking about.

Try it out and let me know how it goes.

Well, I definitely "Michelle-oh-elled" when I read it, and decided it was worth getting the word out on. So, like a fermented Welch's grape juice, roll it around your mouth and see how it feels.

In fact, to take it up a level, if somebody doesn't know how to behave at dinner, you can say he/she has the "Rudiest Hux-table" manners...

Or if your mechanic does a poor job fixing your car, you can call him and insult his "Phylicia Ra-shoddy" workmanship. Or you can not say it, as it barely makes any sense. I'll be the first to De-"Claire" that mind-numbingly unfunny.

Drue K. adds: "Malcolm-Jamal Warning: this type of speak could possibly lead to further posting on the pun blog." (Punrise Punset R.I.P.)

Update: Smitty Timms writes in with a great one. "Personally, I like the term "Retardo Montalban". As in, 'Man, that movie was SO Retardo Montalban!'"

Apparently, the title is well-deserved.

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