Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Best New Slang

Last night, I had the pleasure of dining with "B-side" (a psuedonym, clearly) and friends from TVGasm, a website I contribute to when I'm not infected by the extreme lazies. Long story long, I had a little too much wine, and you know the brand new saying I'm about to make up, "Too much wine = Too much WHINE." In the sense that we were so giddy with alcohol and new friendships that none of us could keep our traps shut for 5 minutes.

There were so many tangents going on that we found ourselves lost in a kind of verbal M.C. Escher print (that makes sense, right?) Then I learned some new slang that not only will you hear me using 1,400 times a day, but I wanna hear YOU using it too!

If ever someone interrupts you, or brings up something completely off topic, or you want to get back to something you were just talking about, put your finger up (in a decisive and firm manner) and say "Do me a favor? Tivo that. Now as I was saying...?" Just enough humor not to offend, but the point is clear: Stop ordering more Chardonnay you insane, blogging wino. "Can you Tivo that for me, and let's get back to what the deal with London is?"

I am already Ob-Gyn-SESSED with it.

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