Monday, June 05, 2006

From the Corners of My Mind

A recent top-2-bot room cleaning left me with not only an entirely new wardrobe (Hammer pants and Skidz are in style again, right?), but also a tote bag full of random pictures from my childhood up until my really, really, unfortunately overweight college years.

Some were too good to keep to myself. Enjoy.

Me, my mother, and Bob Dole, 1996. I was 15 going on a 35 y.o. preggers Latina when this picture was taken. We got word that Bob Dole was going to be at Versailles in Miami, so my family put on our best (and apparently pastiest) faces and trekked down to meet him. Please also note the beaded flag necklace strung around Bob's neck. Rumor has it he got gunned down in a gang fight not 5 minutes after this photo was taken.

Budapest, 2001. McDonald's had introduced a new Pork Burger to allay mad cow fears. Apparently, pigs "bark" in Hungary. I'm not quite sure how a dog-meat-patty would go down here in the States, but I'm "Pavlov-in" It!

London, 1999. Here's me, taking signage really, really seriously. Best nap evs.

Finally -- some random, old shots of me torturing my cat!



Goddddd... Seriously I think I'm blood related to this cat -- look at those yeggs!

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