Friday, May 26, 2006

LVHRD MCFGHT-- This Tuesday!


I'm emceeing LVHRD's next event: MCFGHT! A Karaoke Showdown.

MCFGHT! is a single elimination karaoke tournament where LVHRD's best will come forward to prove their skills before a rambunctious audience of fellow members and a panel of astute judges. The competition will be structured into 3 rounds. Seven competitors will be whittled down by a series of battle duets and surprise challenges, culminating in the epic Mic Fight. LVHRD will be working with Sapporo Beer, Japan's oldest Belgian-style brew, and Pravda Vodka, the smoothest premium vodka ever produced, who will be providing complimentary drinks for MCFGHT! attendees.

You have to sign up with LVHRD in order to buy tickets $11.

They will then text message you with the location of the show the day of.

Doors open at 8 pm.

And yes. I will be singing. A lot. I'm still fency on whether or not I will wear a gown.

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