Friday, May 19, 2006

Conversations with Mother, Part 3: The Urgent Phone Call

This morning at work, my phone rang. I was busy, but picked up.

Me: Hello?

Mother: Mich? Can you talk?

Me: No! Really busy. Gotta g--

Mother: Mich, quickly, listen I really have to tell you something.

Me: (cringe) Uch, OK. What is it.

Mother: I called to tell you that... (dramatic pause) Tomorrow is Lutzy's 11th birthday.

(Lutzy is our housecat.)

These are his feet.

Me: Heheheeee. Yoy! 11!!

Mother: That's 77 in people years! But he's not well.

Me: No?

Mother: He's groaning again when he makes doody. (A recurring problem)

Me: Oh no...

Mother: (half laughing) Yes. He pushes and groans... he's got such a little hole back there! And his doodies are like rocks.

Me: Oy may God! (quietly laughing, sounds like robots farting)

Such a little hole, and such invisible balls.

Mother: (laughing) You wanna hear him purr?

Me: Yes!!

Mother: Hold on.


(Unebelievably loud purring. Like a little furry motorcycle. I choke up and tears come to my eyes. Purring!!! Ayayayayay.)

Mother: Did you hear him?


Missing home and wearing ballet shoes.

Happy 11th Birthday Lutz!

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