Thursday, May 18, 2006

My Secret Identity

A great show? Clearly. Who doesn't like Jerry O'Connell?

But a Google search phrase used to reach this very blog today has lead me down a different mindset.

The search was...

Michelle From Booty Talk 39

I mean -- what if that WAS me? What if Google had never been righter? What if my booty has been DYING to gab this entire time, only I never let it? Is this me? Is this a sign?

These movies must be unbelievable!! They made at least thirty-nine of them. Don't expect to see The Da Vinci Code 27 anytime soon.

In fact, this Google search says there's a number 62... SIXTY-ONE SEQUELS!! God, I would get sick of the sound of my booty's voice after all that time.

Here's this guy telling his booty to "Put a lid on it!"

Update: What's Por... Pornnnn... Pornography? What is that?

Update 2: Please do not answer the above question in the form of an "e-mail attachment." Thank yew.

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