Thursday, June 01, 2006

Slow Booze Day

I'm gonna keep it simple: I am 5 seconds away from passing out/dropping dead of exhaustion, I've gotten a total of negative 14 e-mails today but have checked it no less than 38,000 times, my eye is twitching like pervy, winking, bench-warming old man, and I'm pretty sure I just survived a mini-stroke.

So you will understand that I'm not in the mood to chitty chitty chat chat with you guys today.

Instead, check out this smiling dog, sent in by Angie (many thanks!). It's all my bloodless brain can deal with right now.

Two Other Quick Observations:

1. It's June 1.

2. Where has my youth gone?

Officially the best picture I have ever found on this here internetty.

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