Friday, June 02, 2006

Pre-Weekend Thank You!

Even though this little blurb posted below from the "Not For Tourists" website about the blog/my stand-up is from April 13, I only saw it today for the first time. And maybe it's my new birth control (gentlemen...?), or maybe it's the fact that I got a little clipper-happy cutting my toenails this morning (foot fetishists...?), or maybe that I've just undoubtedly made you feel awkwy/naushy, whatever the reason, it brought tears of gratitude to my eyes.

As Kelly Clarkson would sing -- it's because of you. And not in an abusive, over-protective dad way! But in a thank you for being such loyal readers, and sending me such awesome e-mails n' pics, and coming back for more of my daily mind-wandering.

Here's the blurb (taken from this larger article about all things NYC), plus a bonus 1-by-1-inch pic of me. With special thanks to Michele Langer, without whom the 14-liter dirty martini I'm holding would not have been possible. Treat yourself to one this weekend, then scan the bill as an animated .gif file, text it to my phone, I'll forward it to my accountant in Bermuda, and consider the drink on me.

Stay tuned: I'm in the process of developing a press page, chock full o' clippings and blurbs. It will be posted as soon as I stop being lazy and get around to it :)

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