Tuesday, December 26, 2006

These Are the Things...

...that I find at 4:37 in the morning when I can't sleep. Suffice it to say, my dreams tonight will star non other than Lou Hilario (no relation to Hilario Dawson... or is there?) Yes, it's 9 minutes long, but trust me, the end has gems, the end... sparkles. (You can stop watching around 7:40)

How did I find it, you ask? Youtube search of "ventriloquism" obviously.

Oh I also just saw the loose skin of a man who lost 800 pounds on Inside Edition and wait, do I have Prader-Willi disease? Sighhhhh. Why am I spooning a 6 foot long sub right now?

Hey, also also? If you're in New York December 30, I'll be performing at a special New Year's Eve Eve Show at Mo Pitkins. It's the Shark Show, it's at 8, it's free, and it's really fun.

Now it's 4:42. OK beddy-bye for rizzzzz.

Do you guys have any idea how hilarious that is at 4:48 am? Answer: Very.

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