Thursday, May 31, 2007

Caroline's Comedy Tonight!

Hey guys --

Performing a lil' stand-up comedy at the legendary Caroline's Comedy Club tonight! Here's the info, I'll make it quick:

Llame Toe w/ Bobbie Tisdale
1626 Broadway at 50th
10 pm - $8 + 2 Drinks

The lineup includes BWE fave John Mulaney, Baron Vaughn, Gabe & Jenny, and many more special guests!

OK, now that the Kurt Schilling is over... a sweet e-mail:

Many moons ago, I posted the famous 50 Animals in Casts list, and ever since, proud parents of clumsy animals have been e-mailing me precious photos of their little ones bandaged up. Today, I bring you Cupcake, who according to his owners "has had three lots of eye surgery AND is a real little trooper." It's sort of sad, but the heart on his head is 2MUCH2HANDLE.

Sweetness! Also, if you guys are incredibly bored with me, as I know you are, check out my best friend Annie's blog called Ape Kabuki. When not being hilarious and -- dare I say -- quite opinionated, she posts beautiful hand-made drawings and etchings for your perusal. Camman... her cat sort of looks like Hitler. Do it!

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