Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Will Fried Bull's Testicles Be A Hit?

This Guy: A Fan

Ahh, yes. A question for the ages.

Apparently, some restaurant owners took a break from fucking their sisters just long enough to stir up some controversy, in the form of a fried bull's ball.

"Bull Fries," the idiotic euphemism that catches the eye of every midwestern gastronome, has become a sensation at the portable "Potato Hut" in Valentine, Nebraska. Overheard at the stand:
Patron: Yeah, what in the hell are them there... (pauses to read) Boooll F-f-fries? Bull Fries?
Owner: Fried bull's balls.
Patron: What?
Owner: Bull's balls. Testicles. Moe and Larry. Balls.
Patron: Wha- what!? You gotta be kiddin me! That is disgusting! You are outta line, sir! (pause) Good God! (pause) I'll take 12.

The good news? They're cholesterol free. The bad news? They're balls.

The worse news? According to the owner: "We also add our own, secret, special spices." That is exactly what my first baby daddy said to me 6 years ago. It did the trick then, and it's also kind of doing it now.

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