Thursday, January 13, 2005

Did You Nazi The Tabloids?

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An actual conversation I just had re: Prince Harry's Nazi Costume.

Me: So did you hear about about Prince Harry?
Friend: No. What?
Me: He wore a Nazi uniform to a costume party, and now people want him to go to Auschwitz.
Friend: What? That's terrible! Nobody should go to Auschwitz!
Me: Not go, like metaphorically. They want him to visit.
Friend: Ooooh. (pause) That's a good idea.

Anyway, apparently this kid is a fucking idiot. Now Prince Charles is requiring him to visit Auschwitz. And who knows? Maybe next year he'll go to the costume party dressed as Elie Wiesel.

Although something tells me he'll probs dress as a rosacea-inflicted privileged idiot. He would've been a prick, but his mom passed, so, you know...

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