Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Would You Like Cries With That?

Missouri resident Ann McDonald has just added her name to the long list of "Redneck Coincidences", by giving birth to her "bun in the oven" underneath the Golden Arches of -- you guessed it -- McDonalds. No word yet on who the father is.

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Historically, this is the second birth taking place at a Missouri McDonalds, after Ronald's mother tried to unsuccessfully flush his freshly born body down the toilet, following her doctor's botched "McAbortion".

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The good news is baby and Mother are doing just fine. Here's a picture of the little tyke feeding from his mother's now trademarked "All Beef Meat Teet".

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Sadly, the milk will eventually turn sour for Baby McDonald, when in 30 years or so his mortal enemy, the future King of Hamburg, will do everything within his power to stop this menacing burger mogul from fast food domination, even if it means turning against his own family.

A metaphor gone too far.

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