Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Off For a Nap...

But first:

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This picture had me dying laughing.

Yes, everyone, I have returned from my 10 day hypernation in Miami. I am rested, relaxed, and -- sadly -- pasty as ever. And if you have the opportunity to travel anytime soon, do yourself a favor and DO NOT take U.S. Air. They lost my bag ta-WICE (going and coming). Thankfully, I was reunited with my TJ Maxx clearance rack wardrobe and ziploc bag shoes in a showy, teary reunion.

And yes, postings will return to normal tomorrow, once I organize myself at my job. My mind is racing with things I wish to share, namely opinions on Oscar noms, top news stories, and the usual animal nonsensicals.

As I type this, I just saw a commercial where three girls are stranded on an island, and they lay out about 200 tampons (Annie brings up a good point, that it's probably more like 200,000 tampons) on the sand to spell out the phrase "SEND TAMPAX" to a passing plane. Now call me crazy, but don't you think it makes sense that the assholes would've used, like, coconuts to spell it out? Perhaps they just enjoy spelling out long phrases out in cotton vaginal plugs on sandscapes. If that is the case, touche. Good thinking, ladies.

Can you tell I'm exhausted? I'll leave you with this.

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P.S. Knightrider, fave show as child. Hasselhoff: Second Official Crush after Alf.

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