Friday, January 14, 2005

Red Carpet Showdown

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The Today Show dropped to a new low today, with Katie the Couric-ly Lion interviewing red carpet alums "Joanlissa Rivers" and Star Jones to talk about their upcoming "Red Carpet Rivalry" at the Golden Globe's this Sunday.

What was interesting about this, other than the sheer circus that is their appearances, is that Star Jones refused to be interviewed alongside Joan and Meliss. First Katie interviewed an always charming Joan (with Melissa fulfilling her role as "parasitic fetus"). Once they were done, Katie moved to an odd looking Star, a look I can only describe as "obesely gaunt", who explained that she wouldn't do a group interview with Joan because they "have different styles." I'm guessing Joan likes to drink her blood out of a goblet, while Star prefers to drain it directly from the cow's neck.

In a related story, World's Largest Blimp takes off in Japan, a country full of the World's Tiniest People.

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