Thursday, July 28, 2005

RR/RW Mentally Challenged

Today's New York Post has a veeeeeery interesting casting call, one that, let's just say, aims to a very specific audience:

Saturday at Tonic (727 7th): Casting for MTV's "The Real World/Road Rules Challenge" (10 a.m. - 5 p.m.). Applicants must be 18-25 years old and need a recent picture and photo ID.

Hmm, that's funny.... Isn't one of the requirements of being on REAL WORLD/ROAD RULES CHALLENGE is having already been a contestant on either of these shows? Or has Bunim(RIP)/Murray tapped into every. single. participant already and is looking into new casting methods? By that rationale, shouldn't the show just be called "Challenge"? Perhaps they could pit homeless people against auto mechanics, thus still living up to the title.

Or maybe this is the only way they can reach out to Puck. He reads the Post, right?

Either way, stop by Tonic to possibly catch glimpse of the 48,000 F-list celebs that may or may not stop by.

(UPDATE: They are looking for people to compete against veteran cast members. OMG. This may be the only time I'll be able to wrastle Eric Nies without having the police pry me off! ps This is a new low in reality tv history. Yes, it' s worse than midgets marrying.)

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