Thursday, July 14, 2005

Vaughn, That's Vaughn Fatty!

You know it's an early morning post when I start punning off of Sesame Street's The Count.

But I just can't help myself. Caught some of the red carpet pics from The Wedding Crashers premiere, and it looks like Hollywood has found themselves a Marlon Brando replacement: Vince Vaughn.

Gloating AND bloating: Never thought it was possible.

Hey Vince, Jon Favreau wants his claim to fame back.

Here, Vince explains to Ellen Degeneres why he sweats bacon fat.

You know, I wouldn't say shit if the guy just had put on some weight and that was that, but he is a-soooo a-cocky. So smug. The irony is, he clearly would never fuck me. Not that I'd want to! Look at him. I mean, he is a big hunky chunky man. (Laughing) Why would I wanna have sex with Vince Vaughn? I WOULD NEVER! LOLOL!


Thanks to DJ Qualls for keepin' it real...
...real eating disordery.

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