Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Revel Headed

My 24th birthday on Saturday was a smashed success, thanks in large part to the gaggle of friends who showed up to celebrate with me at one of the finest bars in New York, The Dove on Thompson St. Of course, I ended up pulling out my camera towards the end of the night when the shmoozing died down a little bit, so you it may seem like there were only 5 to 7 people at my party, but trust, my jaw nearly fell off from the endless hours of updating I fell into (i.e. "Are you still working in law?" Me: "Yes." Friend: "Walks away."). So, without further aspew:

Here I am with two of my nearest and dearest, Lang and Becca, sharing a couple of boxes of wine and a few bottles of laughs to loosen me up before the big party. Mission: Accomplushed.

Jenny and Gabe share a thumbs up and two killer tans. In the background, Mike remains calm and collected as per yoozh.

Gabe + me = Hungry eyes. Also, note how on my own birthday I was relegated to glasses because I can't afford contacts until my next paycheck. BASTARDS.

Jon Friedman, doing his best Kiefer Sutherland impersonation.

Here's the famous Carolyn who I stayed with during my Memorial Day jaunt to D.C. She had just come from a wedding and looked smashing, bringing to mind the time that Nikki Taylor came to my prom because somebody won a contest from Seventeen Magazine, and even though she donned a silk bathrobe (seriously, I have pictures somewhere), still managed to make a roomful of 17 year old girls wish they were dead.

Carolyn, Sam, Eli, Gabe and Sara listen intently as Sam describes, play by play, why he and Eli are "the best guys."* *Self-dubbed.

The following are thank you's:

Derek Hartley, Jon W. Collins (i.e. brother from another mother), and Paul Cotton for getting me drunk at the bar.

Lang and Becca for din din.

Rachel Kramer Bussel for bringing Two-Bite Brownies and cupcakes from Whole Foods.

Sarah Smullin, my dear roomate and friend, for baking me an ENTIRE chocolate chip cookie pie (with frosting)! Big hit, big hit.

Paris Martin for the gorgeous snapdragons, and Martha (RKB's roomie) for the beautiful hot pink numbers decorating the front. They make our 2 foot by 2 foot kitchen seem like a real home.

And to everyone else who came out, supported, laughed, smoked, drank, and, most imporantly, revelled with me. Ya'll know who you are, and if this birthday proved anything at all to me, it's that I have the best friends a girl could ever wish for.

End. Schmaltzy.

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