Monday, August 01, 2005

Phoning Mother

A conversation between me and dear mother last night, as she tried to recall a joke:

Me: So, noo, what is it?
Mother: (In motherly, Jewish affectation) Hold on, hold on...
Me: Uch, God.
Mother: Give me a second, I'm trying to jerk off my memory!
Me: What?
Mother: I'm trying to jerk off my memory.
Me: You have to be kidding. That's not the phrase.
Mother: What is it? I'm trying to jerk my memory off?
Me: I'm trying to JOG my memory, Mom!
Mother: What was I saying? Jerking off?
Me: Yes!
Mother: Oh. (Chuckle) Anyway, the joke.

And thus, a comedian was born.

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