Monday, December 12, 2005

Happy News? Or Startling Coincidence?

CNN has a riveting story about some dude ("Byron Reese") who created a website to cater to... happy news. delivers just the sort of brain-damaged, intravenous-feeding-tube news Americans love to read about. What can you expect to find at Happy News?
The 30,000 job cuts announced by General Motors Corp. last month? You won't read it in HappyNews, but stories about hiring are welcome. Even sports stories are mostly out of bounds, "because one team wins and one team loses," Reese explained.

Poor Johnny Graham - he may have won a Silver medal at the Special Olympics, but he would never see his name in print on For one thing, he's, technically, a loser. For another thing, he's a retarded kid with little hope for an independent future.

Speaking of the disabled, check out the founder of Happy News, Byron Reese:

Seems like a nice enough guy... but hold on a second... that picture. It looks familiar. Is it just me, or is Byron Reese --

-- hactually the little girl from Schindler's List?

Way to keep it happy, guy!

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