Wednesday, January 25, 2006

21 Titles Of Chick Lit Books I Would Like To Write

1. Never After

2. Lip Schtick

3. Live and Let Diet

4. Get a Wife!

5. The Things They Married

6. Wife or Death

7. Ya Win Some, Ya Shoes Some!

8. Sex and the City

9. First Comes Love, Then Comes Porridge

10. To Know A Veil

11. Shop in the Name of Love

12. I Want to Die

13. Berg-Dorf On Shopping

14. Look At This Huge Knife I Bought!

15. I'm Going To Slit My Throat With It.

16. Baked Brie and Prosper

17. Can't Anyone Take Female Writers Seriously Anymore?

18. Dress for Suck-Sex

19. Spending Ten Times What We Earn!

20. The Devil Wears Dress Barn: Why Gina Was Promoted To Manager Over Me At MacFrugal's

21. I've Just Killed Myself

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