Monday, June 05, 2006

Al-Packa You Bags: It's Off to Bellevue

This adorable post on Cute Overload spawned the following conversation between me and my buddy Lindsay. I am posting it because I do believe it's proof that I should be in a mental institoosh:

Lindsay: With the little boy?
Michelle: Yes!!
Lindsay: I can't believe it. I knit tons of alpaca wool. (Ed note: Lindsay lives in Maine.) I wonder what they look like naked.
Michelle: Oh my God. Do you see the pretty alpaca face? Sososos pretty. I know gay guys who look like that. (Ed: Intended as a compliment.)
Lindsay: Haha. You mean gay alpacas?
Michelle: Don't you mean... fudge-pacas?
Lindsay: NOOOOOOO. That was brill.
Michelle: OMG. I have to blog this.

And sceeeeeene!

But seriously, look how damn pretty that thing is!! You know in two years it's gonna be trying on it's mother's high-hooves and stealing her nylons. That's not to say I don't want to spoon with it all the live-long day.

Also, for the record: I have an alpaca scarf that I bought at J. Crew a few years ago (at the World Trade Center... awkard...) Anyway! To this day it has held up beautifully, is totally waterproof and is the warmest thing I own (aside from my live-Yeti suit). This officially ends my public service announcement for the wonders of alpacas.

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