Friday, October 15, 2004

T Minus 3

T minus 3 hours until I have to wake up, pack and make my 7 am flight to New Orleans for the Voo Doo Music Festival. Why do I post at this late an hour, you ask?

Because, folks, it occurred to me that I have yet to bring up the Bill O'Reilly scandale. And rather than talk about how I've read the Complaint roughly 15 times, then smoothly about 4 times, and rather than rehash how pleased I was that this man was being humiliated, then really thought it over with the whole phone sex/vibrator/O'Reilly thing and stopped laughing, rather than all those things... I bring you this: A definition of FALAPHILIA. Any website that includes the word "Hummulingus" is automatically entered into my speedsmile. And yes, the fan mail DOES mention Baba GaDouche. A banner day for this blog, friends.

While I'm at it, I might as well bring up the funniest website I've ever laid eyes upon:

You see, I've never, ever been a Disney fan (save a Pluto Beta Max tape I had when I was 4, my ONLY tape mind you). But my friend Julia Langbein recently plugged her last name into Google Image search, and this is what she found:

It turns out "Langbein" is Norwegian for "Goofy" (all the more appropriate if you know Ms. Langbein, who may ring a bell as the salmon eating Finn drinking gimlets in the East Village with her tatas blowin in the breeze... moving on.)

This picture led us to do some further research, weeks and weeks of mind-numbing research. Then, today, we discovered this site: A List of Disney Character Names in Different Languages.

The best of the bunch usually involve Huey, Dewey and Louie: Kwik, Kwek, en Kwak; Tupu, Hupu ja Lupu; Hugo, Paco y Luis; Tupsi, Hupsi ja Lupsi ; and Knatte, Fnatte och Tjatte being our favorites.

But delving deeper, it became obvious that we knew jack shit about Disney characters. For example, have you ever heard of a Disney character named Gyro Gearloose? You have? Then you must be this guy.

You see, apparently there's a whole Disney Duckworld world out there going unnoticed in the States. Well, no longer I say! End of story, the two of us were crying "hot hot tears" in our cold, dead offices. I hope to bring the same joy to you.

K I NOW OFFICIALLY HAVE TO GET TO BED! I'll be in Norleans til Monday, so no bloggaroo til toosday. I'll tell Cypress Hill hi from all you guys ;)

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