Thursday, January 27, 2005

Puke, I Am Your Mother

You guys, seriously. I was poisoned. NO LIE. I ate some (shudder) instant indian food Tuesday night (even typing it makes me break out into a sweat), and spent all of Wednesday throwing up, moaning (sometimes, it just feels right), tossing, turning and altogether wondering if indian food was the end of me. Sadly, it wasn't, and I'm back at work today.

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Also, for some reason, I was really emotional yesterday, and cried at the end of Kindergarten Cop, a movie I've seen roughly 147 times. But it's just when Mr. Kimball is shot, and all the kids are like "Are you OK Mr. Kimball?"... and when the bad guy kidnaps Dominique and then punches his mom in the face? ... (nose blowing)... I have emotional problems.

A large man in a tiny, tiny, tiny picture.

Here's something Schwarzenegger would have liked you to know about:

How to Kick Someone's Ass with an Umbrella

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Also from BoingBoing, and eerily similar to Time Out Kids, I bring you outfits for your vacuum cleaner.

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Cause nothing scares the dirt away like a 4 foot tall cat in a dress holding a fish skeleton.

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