Thursday, February 10, 2005

What's the Big Ikea?

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It's not bullshit. A picture of the Ikea madness.

Nine ambulances had to be sent to the opening of the biggest Ikea store in England, after greedy Swede-o-philes trampled one another to get their mitts on shoddily assembled cardboard desks. A clip of the madness:

Video footage showed shoppers fighting over furniture - one man was pinned against a wall by a burly customer as they argued over a sofa - while others were stretchered into ambulances.

But hey, remember, this is a country full of toothless incomprehensibles who eat meat pie, so nothing should surprise you.

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(By the by, Brits, it's my lifelong goal to live in England, so relax... anyone looking for a wife? Anyone? No? Wife? ... Anyone? No? Wife? My obsession with Little Britain should prove I'm the real thing.)

Note to Americans: Go on Ebay right now, and purcahse a 2 DVD set of the show from a couple of sellers who burn the discs themselves, hence they're Region 1 playable. (The normal UK Region 2 DVD's don't work in our machines). It's only like 18 bucks with shipping, and I guarantee it's one of the funniest things you'll ever see.

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p.s. I'm Gow-geous.

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