Friday, February 04, 2005

Ipod Update: The Broken Hearts Club

So I was all set up to get my new Ipod, when the system tells me that one of my "Completed Offers" people was a repeat. Thanks to whoever was kind enough to sign up with me 2x (seriously), unless it was just the FreeIpods people scamming me into signing up with Blockbuster Online (which I did.)

Long story short, the Ipod I thought was mine and had a dream about yesterday (REALLY) is no longer. I need one more person to join! So yes, this is a pathetic plea from a sad sad girl, but if you have a coupla minutes, couldja sign up and complete an offer, also allowing yourself to have an opp at a free Ipod? And don't forgot, a fun thank you e-mail from me! ...Which I still owe to a couple of you and haven't forgotten. :) I'll also name my twelfth-born after you.

I highly recommend the Blockbuster offer -- I didn't belong to a DVD rental place, and like a schmuck would end up buying the DVD's I wanted to watch. They have an extensive collection, and it's $9.99 (also easily cancelled after the first month.) I AM A CORPORATE SHILL BUT I HAVE GOOD INTENTIONS AND A GOOD HEART. Plus, I eagerly await the delivery of La Chevre starring Gerard Depardieu.

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Yes, I cropped out his "thing." At work, mind you. I'm a risk taker, and YOU SHOULD BE TOO! I'm sure Dong will just lurve this one.

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