Thursday, February 03, 2005

You Can't Make It Up's NEW ADVICE FEATURE!!

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Fed Up? Lonely? Upset? Keep reading...

You Can't Make It Up is expanding its horizons, out into the world of advice-giving. A good friend of mine, "Aretha Frankly", has always given me the most amazing, level-headed advice. Then it occurred to me: She should be sharing this with the entire blogging community, not just me! So, not that we're trying to delve into occupied territory (I'm talking to you, Advice Goddess), but who doesn't love a Q&A column now and again?

Now, I know you are thinking that this "friend" of mine is actually "me", but don't fret. This is an entirely separate person who has an actual functioning brain. Aretha is one of my closest friends, and will surely lead you down the path of enlightenment. And I'll try to jazz up her answers with fun pictures and what not.

So! If you need advice, or have a problem with someone, or think you're losing your mind, or just need some GENERAL DIRECTION, e-mail your questions, along with your pseudonym of choice, to: Then, Aretha Frankly will dole out her advice, for FREE mind you, and it will be posted shortly on this very site. Happy soul-searching!

No relation to this woman, only in mind, body and spirit:

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