Thursday, July 14, 2005

Six Feet Blunder

Just read the Emmy Nominations, and am a bit disappointed, nay shocked, that a certain actress was overlooked for what I believe to be one of the finest performances on tv right now...

Justina Machado, who plays Vanessa on Six Feet Under.

She is one of the most natural and talented actresses working on TV, or really anywhere for that matter. A recent fight between her and her ex-husband (the adorably bite-sized Rico) had me in tears thanks to her heartfelt intensity.

I'm doubly angered when seeing that she was overlooked because of em-effing TYNE DALY on her "hit show" Judging Amy. Come on, Tyne, even YOU would use sarcasm quotes on that one.

Or sarcasm eyebrows, whichever.

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