Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Get the Gist

4Serena Williams Makes Me Sadiator. [via Whatevs]

4World's Largest Laundromat is Gone-dromat.

4Man with Large Penis Added to West Wing Roster.

4A Million to Juan: In Berlin, Some Can't Bear to Be Behind Bars.

4Dave Matthews Can't Shit His Way Out of a Paper Bag.

4Legally Blind 3:
The Woman in a Van with a Plan (To Crash Into Your House).

4Coming to a Fox Network Near You: Be the Next Queen of Swaziland!

Carly Patterson doesn't know what the word "Resurgence" means. Chances are she also doesn't know what "menstrual cycle" means either. (And no, it's not a medieval song and dance man on a bike.)

4A horse and a moose...
more than just "friends"? Ask their daughter, why dontcha.

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