Monday, August 16, 2004

Things You Should Buy

I feel its my duty to alert my beloved readers about some things they should, nay, must purchase.

1. The Bathroom Book Series

Sure, laugh it up, jerks. But do not be fooled by the Foxworthy-esque title. This series of reference books pretty much got me through middle and high school. Every page gives a super-thorough summary on well known books, poets, plays and people. They go on to have famous quotes, breakdowns of religions and philosophies... I'd go on, but for this price at (from $20 to $6 each), just buy it!!! I bought new ones last week, as my old copies are dog-eared and coffee-stained, and can't wait to tear into them.

The Bathroom Book I
The Bathroom Book II
The Bathroom Book III

2. The Muse CD

I'm probably a little behind on this one. But for those who still don't know, this band is simply amazing. Basically, call it the new Radiohead album, back when Radiohead was good.

Absolution by Muse

3. Tempurpedic Pillow

Sure, it's a little expensive. And yes, it's heavy and feels like dead flesh. But if dead flesh is this comfortable to sleep on, call the morgue, cause Momma's got a backache. Whatever the hell that means.

Tempurpedic Swedish Neck Pillow

4. My New Album

It won't be released until October 2004, but its never too late to stock up for Christmas. Above is a screenshot of the album cover. Please note my stage name (for googling purposes), Milady Jehosaphats.

Below, check out some stills taken from the recording studio. This album is gonna be huge. It's gotta be, it's that good. Again, note intensity, shown below. (Note: Click on pictures to enlarge.)

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