Monday, October 25, 2004

i need to lighten up.

Now, you're Monday Morning 'Sup-date:

- My Genius Crown Has Been Stolen!: By a 17 year old, perfect SAT scoring, crossword wrangling KID. He finishes NY Times crossword puzzles in under 4 minutes. That's funny, cause I can impound his face in less than 3.

- Shaun of the Dead: Loved it!! Here's a pic of me and friend Chelsea pre-show. No, that's not a snaggle-tooth, it's gum. Team America: Love the South Park guys, expected more from this puppet farce. Sneak into the first 5 mins, go home, watch the Brook Ellison story, and just cry for once, you hardened animal you.

- Steed All About It: A horse known as the "Running Reverend" has been baptized in South Africa to ensure a successful racing season. By the looks of it, he seems thrilled:

On second thought, is that Ol Dirty Bastard?

- Pony Express: In more horse related news, a Dutch man was arrest for cramming his Shetland pony into the back of his hatchback. And get this, he was taking his pony to Germany. Hey pony!! When they offer you the "soap" for your "shower", don't take it.

- Check out this short movie made by friends of mine, playing off of a slip of W's tongue in the last debate: McSteak.

- In a final bout of horse news: Schwarzenegger Shows Eco-Friendly Hummer. I think we all know what he's getting at here, eh, Maria Shrives?

- I want to open up a Dermatology Clinic called Pock N' Mole. That's all for today class. Now, to down a bottle of Pamprin and whiskey and call it a life.

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