Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Thursday's Show = Secret Sale

Those of you interested in purchasing tickets to the reading I'm doing on Thursday night, here's a special code you should enter on checkout that will lower the admission from $15 to $10: BUY SMARTTIX HERE. USE CODE: ARSCHK FOR REDUCED PRICE ($10).

CHICKENSCRATCH: A Pre-Election Reading, a night of election-related readings hosted by everyone's favorite Gavel Face, Chelsea Peretti. I'll be there talking about Votergasm.org, along with special guests: Allison Silverman (Conan), Jonah Peretti (Fundrace.org), Eugene Mirman (just click his name), Romesh Ratnesar (TIME mag), and music by Shonali Bhowmik. ARS NOVA (511 W. 54th St.), October 28th at 10 pm.

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