Thursday, May 05, 2005

Upcoming Shows

I'll have a hamster and cheese on wry, please.

A straightforward, promotional list of all of my current and future happenings:


My Barnard past comes back to haunt me at:

Chicks and Giggles One-Year Anniversary

Along with:
Ophira Eisenberg, Jody Young, Vicky Bond, Rachael Parenta, and Jen Dzuira.

8:30PM Raga (433 East 6th St between 1st and A)


Chelsea Peretti and I present...

I Heart Internet

the show you've all been waiting for.

with Special Guests:

Jake Fogelnest
A.D. Miles
Eugene Mirman

See the cute blurb about the show in Time Out New York this week (along with one of my classic MS Paint collages.)

May 11, 6:30 - 8 pm.
The Apple Store, aka "Station A"
Theater, Second Floor
(103 Prince Street)


Another installment of the show that's taking the stand-up comedy world by storm (but seriously, read this fucking kick-ass lineup):


Jim Norton
Michael Showalter
Rachel Feinstein
Curtis Gwinn
John Gemberling
Jessica Delfino

JUVIE HALL , 24 Bond Street
May 13, Friday, at 8 pm

Finally, check out Heeb magazine at a Borders near you - I'm the pasty looking girl who's secretly wearing a lot of makeup but you can't tell since the sun is washing me out, located next to Jennifer Connelly and under David Cross on the "Heeb Hundred" list. A very illustrious page indeed.

And while I'm at it, check out The Big Book of Jewish Conspiracies by Joshua Neuman, David Deutsch (two of the biggest machers over at Heeb). Got a sneak peek at the book, it's truly funny, and would make a great Tisha B'Av present. See also Jewish Conspiracies dot Biz.

Thanks for your time.

Promotion Robot Powering Down...

Trivia time!

What should every asshole soccer Mom who drives a hummer/huge SUV be forced to use in the supermarket?


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