Sunday, April 10, 2005

Sunday in the Park with Michelle

If you live in New York, you know that this weekend was one sent from God himself. Perfect weather, amazing people-watching, everyone behaving like human beings -- a real treat. Spring is finally here! Inspired by the plethora of fabulous NYC-photos over at Cityrag, I decided to document me and my friends' 7 hour Central-Park-Marathon-Newspaper-Reading session in Sheep's Meadow. First up, an amazing feature I discovered with my new (throat clear) digital camera, called Photostitch, which merges photos to create a panorama. Click on the image thumbnail to see the full panorama of Central Park South (you can enlarge the pic by clicking on it once you reach the imageshack site.)

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I've heard of babies having babies, but this is ridiculous! Note the topless young boy wearing underoos in the background -- this kid was wreaking havoc throughout our lounging area, and was also covered in cellulite head-to-toe.

Case in point. (There were 700 other opportunities to take funny pics of this kid, but after 2 it became weird that I was photographing this kid in his underwear.)

Yet another parent who is just dying to fuck up their kid. Nothing like wearing matching grass-green swim trunks while your child shvitzes in a head-to-toe puce nightmare.

Just two heterosexual topless guys wearing floral-patterned board shorts on a Sunday afternoon. Most definitely NOT a mandate.

Yours truly, trying out the "Sepia Tone" option.

The worst picture in the series, my hoof ruining an otherwise perfect day.

Finally, a blurrrrrrry picture from an event I was very lucky to gain entry to, Christopher Guest, Michael McKean and Harry Shearer speaking at MOMA. They sang some songs fro Spinal Tap and A Mighty Wind, followed up with a pretty disorganized "Q&A", which mostly involved Christopher Guest panning audience questions (which admittedly weren't great). Also in attendance, Walter Cronkite, looking sweet and old, and my new obsession, Craig Ferguson of the Late Late Show.

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