Thursday, August 19, 2004

Cat's a Spicy Meat-a-ball-a

Eartha Kitt and Cat at opening, both looking thrilled.

Hey, single gal's, listen up! A new cafe just for cat's has opened up in Midtown Manhattan. I think it's about time -- there are certainly enough restaurants for bitches in this town. (Anyone care for a chip off my shoulder?)

The grand-opening of "Meow Mix Cafe" was a blast. One frisky cat had great things to say: "Yawn", he raved. "Nap time." another purred.

The chef has really thought of everything, coordinating the kitty meals with their owners. For cats "choosing" to dine on Deep Sea Delight mackerel, their owners will be served Tuna Rolls. Other cats opted instead for a steamed plate of "Crotch-Licking", with their owners claiming to be "On a Diet."

What's next? Rumor has it an uptown establishment known as "Table for Rat-A-Two-ey", a restaurant made for one-on-one's with City-livers and the rats living in their walls, will open in Fall of 2004. I've already made my reservation. (No joke, word has it a rat nearly ate a baby on the 4th floor of my NYC palace. My whole building is in an uproar. My "Super" has been demoted to "Eh, He's OK".)

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