Friday, August 20, 2004

Chatty Fatty Cathy

Cathy. America's Worst Comic Strip. The female Andy Capp. Reading Cathy is like watching a terribly unfunny comedienne awkwardly talk about her vagina (i.e. "Why do they call it a GUY-necologist? Shouldn't it be a GAL-necologist?) and her marital life (My husband refuses to sleep with me after I had my last baby... Turns out I got too FAT and he wasn't attracted to me anymore!)... Basically, completely unfunny. And yet, day after day, you just cannot help but subject yourself to this torture.

My best buddy Lang decided to take matters into her own hands. If you're an avid American Idol watcher, you may remember Lang from the New York auditions. The two of us auditioned together as a joke (although, the longer I was in line, the more sun-poisoned I got, I began to truly believe that I was America's B.K.S. [Best Kept Secret]). Here is a clip of Lang on the show, revealing to the world a running joke we had been making while waiting on line.

Moving on, YCMIU brings you Cathy: A Modern Woman, as written by Lang. (CLICK PICTURE TO READ TEXT)

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