Monday, May 09, 2005

Algorithm Is Gonna Get You

Do you ever think of something so clever you tell everybody, only to Google search it and find out that, in fact, approx. 7,890 other people have been "blessed" with the same "genius"? After doing some very poorly organized unscientific research, and making some corresponding Venn diagrams (remember Venn?), I've discovered that this is a common problem among America's very attractive 20-somethings. Here's an example of some phrases that I or friends have "invented", which are also apparently commonly used terms...
Desperate Times Call for Desperate Pleasures

Life in the Fat Lane (Gabe)

Lip Shtick

Hatriotism (Chelsea)

Remember Venn?

Although, to my credit, Algorithm Is Gonna Get You is all mine. (With partially aborted credit going to Gloria Ethtefan). And I refuse to even Google my genius idea of a musical about a gang of cheery, parentless ragamuffins called "End-Orphans." I fear the answer might kill me.

"I'm Super-Psyyyyyyyyched!"

Feel free to add your own brand of commoner genius in the comments sections.

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